Immoral And Unnatural Sexual Fetishes Could Be As Much Fun As A Soapy Thai Massage

Thailand has been a more advanced nation than all the Western European and Scandinavian nations combined in the sense that there were more hot chicks hanging around on the streets of Bangkok in the early 1990s than in all the metros of Scandinavia and Western Europe during those times.

Roberto Gandolfi

Roberto Gandolfi from Naples, Florida, is a Sex Blogger and a Clothing Line Owner, who has travelled to India several times and claims to have done a great deal of research on India. He met a bunch of Kali worshippers in Kolkata, India, who told him that non-ejaculatory sex with dolls is encouraged over sex with real women by their gurus as that is not harmful for their occult powers.

Roberto claims that the widows of India who are not allowed to remarry are forced to wear nothing but white clothes because the people of the Indian Subcontinent since time unknown have believed that wearing white clothes reduces libido while wearing colourful clothes does the opposite. They also believe that looking at white, black and grey colours reduces or has no change in libido while looking at colourful surroundings does the opposite.

Roberto thinks inspired by the Federal Reserve, the Brothels, Massage Parlours and Escort Services across the world should create a Federation to save the clients from cheaters and make their services more feasible, affordable and better.

Roberto’s current Thai (หนังเอ็กไทย) girlfriend is a fan of having sex with bottles. She finds it immoral and unnatural, but at the same time, she also thinks one shouldn’t be ashamed because of this hobby of theirs.

Roberto once dated this 46 year old Thai entrepreneur woman who he claims was the most sexual woman that you would ever meet. She used to refer to every woman that wasn’t as sexual as herself as “prudish“. Hence, it goes without saying that she used to refer to every other woman as a “prude“. She took immense pride in the fact that most men don’t grow more sexual with age whereas the women do. She gives reference to the enthusiasm of the female pornstars in the MILF porn genre as the proof to back up her claim and most definitely her own life as well. She used to own a collection of over 150 gold chains inspired by her best girlfriend in the college, who happened to be a daughter of a wealthy Mumbai Businessman. Once this Indian girlfriend of her had an extremely vigorous sex with her boyfriend that it gave her a bloody nose.

Roberto claims to know a British Businesswoman who is married to a Black Man whom she likes to refer to as her ‘Personal Black Bull’. This Personal Black Bull of hers is 8 years younger than herself. She attends all her Business Phone Calls while her Black Bull husband rides her doggy.

Roberto has a friend who only empties his gun jerking off to underrated tropical MILF and GILF pornstars.

Lately, Roberto has been busy writing a record 500, 000 word long article on ‘Skilled and Experienced Sex VS Passionate Sex’. He believes it is going to be his last gimmick that can make him the infamous sex blogger that he really wants to become.

Stunning Arab Women Reveal What’s Inside Those Burqas On Chat And Other Apps

One of my very wealthy friends owns a company that manufactures and exports farm equipment, auto equipment, OTR tyres, tubes and flaps. This friend of mine along with being extremely wealthy, is also extremely horny all the time, he has his own philosophy and beliefs around sex, which he loves to share with friends, wife and cousins.

This friend of mine believes that having a lot of sex makes you smarter and more courageous in the long run, just like it did to the Al Capone. He says that’s the foremost reason why he has it all that he can, making sure that he doesn’t catch any major or minor illness doing it.

This friend of mine says that the best thing about living in more populated places is that you can watch people having nude sex belonging to different races all the time and hence more choices to fuck from.

He claims that no matter whether you are in Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Morocco, India, Libya or Pakistan, if you have enough money, you can get as many different beautiful pussies as you want.

He was also in prison for 6 months for false accusations by a friend of his, where he claims he watched more lingerie porn than he did in the rest of his life. He also claimed to have had a ton of ass there in the prison.

This friend of mine claims that there will be more Pakistani MILF Pornstars in the American porn industry than there will be Czech MILFs by 2030. He said it with such certainty that I myself now believe this prophecy to be true, although most of his prophecies in the past including that Hillary Clinton will win the 2016 Presidential Elections have gone false.

Wealthy Guy Wants His Asian GF To Feature In A ShopLyfter Porn Video But She Only Wants To Suck His Rich Dick

I have a very wealthy friend who owns a wireless switch manufacturing company of his own. This friend of mine never gets tired of chatting with the live sex cam models, and more than that, he never gets tired of repeating that before you start chatting with one of the live sex cam models, it is always advisable to read their Terms and Conditions. He claims that he himself never got into trouble for not reading the Terms and Conditions, but he regularly comes across strangers on the internet, who claim that they are genuine and decent people who got scammed by the live sex cam chat website out of their money, just because they did a deed that went against one or more of their terms and conditions, and as a form of revenge, the live sex cam website cheated them off their money.

This wealthy friend of mine has always been passionate about the horses. He has been running a horse riding school as well for the past 7 years. Whenever he mentions on his blog that he is passionate about riding horses, most of his readers take it in a wrong way and tend to think that he is a bisexual or gay. He doesn’t even bother to clarify the people who makes lousy and abusive comments wrongly believing that he is not straight, while many of his regular readers really bother to clarify it for him, and sometimes also engage in cross-abuse.

Anyways, this wealthy friend of mine is a huge fan of shoplyfter free porn videos, to an extent that he tried to convince his Asian girlfriend to feature in a ShopLyfter porn video, but she refused.

His Asian girlfriend really has huge milk tankers. Must be that Fuka size.

Red Hot Nights, Having 69 Sex With Your Favorite Celebrity’s Lookalike

I have lately been working on to invent contraceptive pills that rather increase estrogen levels in the women rather than decreasing it. I believe that this invention of mine will definitely make you see couple having public sex everywhere. You would literally be enjoying publicagent videos like scenario everywhere in real life.

Blessed are the pornstars who get paid for fucking. If you have sex at a public place in the United States, you get charged for it, but if you have sex in the public to shoot a publicporn movie, you get paid. What a marvelous country we live in! God Bless America!

I am really glad that most of the trendsetters today for women are sex freaks, be it WWE Divas, Pornstars, Singers or Hollywood Actresses. What I am even more happy about is the fact that more than ever before, all these trendsetters and the common women of our nation are open about how much they enjoy 69 sex position in public.

Well, I wrote this parody song for CC Catch’s Hollywood Nights last night when I went out of lube and due to a very strong jock itch on dick, I couldn’t even imagine taking a wank without my lube. So, here is the song:-

Daytime wankers and nighttime fuckers

Oh, they’re breaking all the records

Smashing each and every pussy that comes through

Smashing like the pornstars do

From a day in Porn Studio

And a dick without a foreskin

Kamasutra positions can go along, long way

Don’t stop these Red Hot nights

Take your viagra and find a pussy that is tight

Red Hot nights

Stop these Red Hot nights

Know that pussy is not tight

Red Hot nights

Pussies are more than little holes

Screw them till you make them swole

You have a dick and she is a chick

Suck her thick juicy lips

Have it when it is all wet

Don’t wait because it soon gets too late

Top Gay Cam Sites Responsible For The Increase In Sales Of Cucumbers, Carrots & Dildos

Eugene Francese from Brewster, New York, is a Bisexual Sex Blogger and Musician, who claims to know several guys belonging to all kinds of different sexual orientation whose sexual lives were ruined by male pastoral counselling.

Eugene has been campaigning actively for the butthole insurance of the gay and bisexual men for the past 7 years now. He writes that he is disgusted to see how several gays and bisexual men with torn poopholes don’t give a fuck about getting their ripped butthole insured.

Eugene has a religious homosexual friend who stopped having gay sex since he turned full catholic, he now only jerks off to the live sex cam models on the best gay cam sites. This friend of Eugene tells him that the thought crosses his mind to have sex with another man every once in a while, but then he reminds himself of his wisdom and experience and restarts his “God” mantra. Additionally. he says that the urges stay the same or maybe get a bit weaker but his defences grow stronger everyday.

Eugene himself cannot get enough of talking to the live sex gay cam models. He eats lots of burgers, steak, chicken, spinach, cucumber, broccoli, lentils, asparagus and whole milk to stay hard 24/7 for those bodybuilder gay cam models.

Eugene recently wrote an anthem for the homosexual department store workers and it was well appreciated by almost every homosexual that heard it and it was not heard by just the department store workers.

Eugene hates Islam. He tries to provide it as a fake religion by giving logical explanations all the time on his blog. He quotes Sahih Al Bukhari 48:826 and writes that going by this Hadith logic, the dumbest man is more intelligent than a 150 IQ woman.

I once felt helpless and like I was watching everything unfold at one point, even my own actions. When my family got sick and some passed away recently. It was rough. Maybe it was just depression but I felt like I have some amount of control back, thanks to Gay Sex Cam Sites.

Eugene Francese

Mine Inspector Studied Chaser Effect After Ejaculation Because He Wants To Be Chased By Hot Women

Thomas Othersen is a Mine Inspector and Sex Blogger from West Covina, California, who believes the reason why the Japanese women look so much better than their Chinese, Korean and Filipino counterparts is because of the effect of the Atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. He acknowledges that he sounds like an idiot when he says this, but he also believes that the science will discover this sooner or later.

Thomas claims to have had studied the sexual chaser effect so very well. As per his study of years, what makes the chaser effect so strong and something real is evolutionary and hidden deep down in the fact that we were all once animals.

Thomas believes like all animals, the sex-season rule also apply in case of the humans. By sex-season, he means the time when animals are said to be in the heat. He says when a human, mainly a male, involves in a sexual activity, it activates the heat season in the males to keep them sexually active. He says for the women the heat season can be compared to the menstrual cycles.

As per Thomas, he can tell looking at a woman if she is going through a menstrual cycle. He says most single ladies that are not professional live sex cam chat models can only be seen on Live Chat Rooms Camsoda on Vibragame.

Thomas claims Sikh women have more of a watersports addiction than any other Indian women. As evidence, he tells his own tales with some of the Sikh women in their prime. i.e. early 20s and gives example of an Indian Punjabi Sikh Female Pornstar – Baljeet, who drank piss in 3 different videos of hers.

Thomas claims to have discovered a Tongan tribe which believes riding on Zebra increases sexual stamina.

Thomas says although the Republican supporters are more likely to be against free-sex, condoms, abortions, porn, etc; the survey which claims they are more likely to have sex with their pets compared to the Democrat Supporters looks accurate.

You can have a free sex chat and masturbate simultaneously if your teacher refuses to give you a BJ

Morris Sussman from Roslyn, New York, is a sex blogger, responsible for exposing the judge who was too proud of his big black cock. The very judge who would bail out women in exchange for a honeymoon regardless of how big and strong the case was against them Sometimes he would even bail the women out for a few hours of free sex chat.

Morris doesn’t forget to put a watch before the lovemaking session begins, in order to keep the track of time and progress of his sexual stamina.

Morris knows a 40 year old woman who is a part of the cult that believes swallowing large quantities of semen regularly can make a woman eternally young and even immortal. This woman is often found looking for used condoms in the garbage bins and she usually finds those successfully. She looks better than 99% of the women her age group and she attributes it completely to her drinking semen regularly. She believes it is only going to get better as she ages.

Morris writes that his wife loves to sit on his face. He hates it. He loves his wife wearing one specific red lingerie and she hates both the color red and the lingerie. So they both have mutually agreed on that she will wear his favorite red lingerie on the Saturdays and he will let her sit on his face the very same night while she will still be dressed in that very same lingerie.

Asian MILF Porn has been saving marriages for decades, claims a Hayward Psychiatrist

“To fuck is human and to masturbate is also human.”

Dr Alexa Brown from Hayward, California, is a Psychiatrist by the day and a sex blogger by the evening. She writes that a happy sex life helps you create your life from the inside out.

Alexa writes that some aspiring celibates may refer to the so-called lifelong celibates like Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, Jesus Christ, Plotinus, Michelangelo, etc as high achievers but one must not forget that they were all weird and miserable throughout their lives, not to mention they were all financially unwell too.

Alexa believes Anti-Porn Propaganda has increased the viewership of the erotic literature a lot, both online and offline. The only porn industry that she believes it hasn’t affected is the Asian MILF Porn industry.

Alexa regularly keeps coming across female patients whose husbands divorced them due to their ever-increasing sexual demands that they weren’t able to fulfil. She recommends such patients to learn things from the Japanese and Korean pornstars, especially the ones belonging to the MILF genre to be better at love-making. She claims that after these women remarry and they follow Alexa’s advice, they never report back getting divorced again.

Things like these is what makes Alexa Pro-Porn, as she believes porn is responsible for nothing but happy lives.

Alexa claims eating cabbage with lemon increases testosterone in men and estrogen in women.

Alexa writes that everything wasn’t always hunky-dory in her personal married life either. She remembers the time when she would have sex with her husband just to put him off to sleep.

A Hygrometer to check the humidity of your MILF of the night’s pussy and mouth is coming soon

Stefan Voicu from Kansas City, Missouri, is a sex-blogger, who used to be a very active member at r/semenretention. He hates those guys now for they are too obsessed with stopping the natural process of releasing semen during the wake or sleep state.

Out of sheer anger and disguise once, Stefan told them to duct tape their dicks if they don’t want wet dreams, unsubscribed from there and never posted again.

Stefan writes that thick eyebrows are a sign of good health. According to him and many others, thin, measly eyebrows signal bad reproductive success to women.

Stefan believes that society’s standard of beauty is inescapable; you will compare your wife to the more beautiful wives of your fellowmen and you will be miserable. He believes it is one of the hardest truths to accept.

Stefan believes that we are blessed to have been living in the times of hookup culture, partying, drugs, alcohol, gambling and excessive spending.

He writes for him, the height of his woman doesn’t matter much. What matters is frame and body proportions (waist-to-hip, leg-to-body). He believes long legs is ideal for women.

Stefan’s last girlfriend was a 40 year old, 5’2″ and 95 pounds. He writes she was very pretty and an expert MILF BJ provider.

Stefan has a fetish for the female voice. He writes that he gets a boner right after listening to a high-pitched female voice song.

Stefan claims that he has been working on to create a hygrometer that would be able to check the humidity of a pussy and it has been going very well since he started.

From poor delivery boy to millionaire Bitcoin trader

Ashok is a 29 year young overweight man who is always half-drunk. Ashok is originally from the city of Jaipur, but he moved to the New Delhi city (capital of India) when he was only 6 with his parents. They were a very poor family and they believed going to New Delhi will improve their financial conditions. Were they wrong?

Ashok was always very naughty. He would throw stones at the dogs sitting in the mud on the street and several other things like this.

Ashok got to know about Bitcoins back in 2009. Ashok’s friend who is a very intelligent and nice guy (No idea how they both are friends) told Ashok about Bitcoin and its future. Ashok took a small loan of 1000 US Dollar in August 2009 from another friend to buy bitcoins for himself and watch the money growing.

By the time Ashok was 22, he was a millionaire. He did it all with bitcoin trading. Since Ashok became a billionaire, he has been very regular to the Goa’s party scene and never forgets to visit Goa during the Halloween festival. He parties like crazy on 31st October of each year since 2012.

Outside Goa, very few people know how good the Goans celebrate the Halloween festival.

Ashok is a subscriber of almost each and every Halloween Blog and he also claims to have enjoyed each and every Russian escort in Goa.

Ashok almost always behave very instinctively and he used to be angry all the time when he was poor. It used to be his daily routine to curse everybody all the time. The worst thing that I don’t like about Ashok after he became rich is that he has become very arrogant and boastful.

Before starting bitcoin trading, Ashok used to be a delivery boy for a local Pizza restaurant in the plush Greater Kailash neighborhood of New Delhi.

Azerbaijani-Swedish man loves hunting East Caucasian Turs

Arif is a 32 year old Azerbaijani-Swedish man living in Sweden for the past 12 years. Arif was told by his maternal uncle that the streets of the Sweden are paved with gold and the girls chase Foreign guys. It is heaven on earth and Azerbaijan is nothing but hell.

Arif’s uncle was living in the Sweden since Arif was only 7. He married twice there, once to a Polish woman and the other time to a Dutch woman. Both his wives left him, taking along the kids and their money. Arif’s uncle didn’t tell him or anybody in the family about that event and kept pretending like they all still live with him.

Arif was born in the city of Quba, and raised up in the largest city and capital Baku. When Arif moved to Baku, he was only 5, it was a whole new world for him. He never saw so many lights and a city so busy before. He missed the beauty of natural beauty of Quba so much there.

Arif dreamed all day of moving to the Sweden one day. He didn’t have an internet connection back then (he perhaps didn’t even know what internet is) so that he could have a view of what Sweden looks like in reality. He was called by his uncle who arranged for him a course in a graduation college there.

The motive of Arif’s going to Sweden wasn’t graduation, but he wanted to permanently settle there and he did. While still in college, he married a local Swedish girl whom he met at the bar where they both worked after finishing their college. She even worked as a masseuse at a renowned Goa Massage Parlour for a while and she was open to Arif about it but Arif didn’t mind it.

Arif still visits Azerbaijan once in 2 years and whenever he goes back to Azerbaijan, he doesn’t forget to hunt East Caucasian Turs there with his bow and best bow sight.

Midwife turned into a millionaire with TV Draw

Sheila is a 40 year old woman who spent almost half of her life as a midwife. Sheila used to love her job but her kids didn’t like that their mother does a job that most upper-class women won’t touch. They used to be lower-income family too back then but the kids wanted their mother to live like a queen.

Sheila’s husband divorced her when she was 37 and the custody of the kids was given to Sheila. Sheila started facing many financial problems with the divorce. For the past 10 years, she was living with her husband merely for the happiness of the kids.

Both her kids studied at a private school and Sheila didn’t want them to go to a government school ever. The condition of the government schools in her city is very bad.

Due to her financial conditions, Sheila even thought of moving to India and work as a North Goa escort there.

Sheila and her kids love each other so much that the example of such love is hard to be found anywhere in today’s society. Sheila didn’t want her kids to go to a government school even though it was hard for her to afford their fees and the kids didn’t want their mother to work as a midwife.

One of Sheila’s childhood best friends was working as a television draw number sellers and she came to Sheila to sell one. Sheila told her that her financial condition is already very bad and she doesn’t want to involve in any sort of lottery or draws. Hearing this, her friend gave her a number for free. Sheila resisted but she wouldn’t listen.

Sheila was about to throw it in the dustbin, but then her kids saw it and said “Mom, maybe our luck can totally change with it.”

Sheila listened to her kids and when she saw resultado tele sena. She was the first winner. She won 15 million Brazilian Real. Since then, she has been spending all her time and money on raising her kids well.

Neanderthals had balls stronger than steel and their direct descendants could make perfect pornostars

Nothing harms your sex life more than a lung disease. It is coming from my personal experience. I remember the days when I got hit by a minor lung infection, the last thing that used to come to my mind used to be porn or sex.

I have always been extremely frank with my grandfather. My grandfather tells me that he can still have sex at the age of 82, but his refractory periods now last very long, that is – 9-11 days.

It is not a news that there are more love circles than love triangles nowadays. It should also not be a news to you that if the count of the women you had is still three digits, you are still a rookie.

I have always loved slim women with broad shoulders, big natural breasts and a naughty smile and that’s the reason why I married one. She lived just adjacent to me and I had always wanted her, but little did I know that she felt the same way as well. I have fucked my wife more in the kitchen than in the bedroom.

My dick is long like a chord and strong as a drill machine, but since I started suffering with the spinal stenosis, the girth of my dick has reduced a lot.

I recently had the luck of finding some ancient Khazarian texts. According to those texts, fucking someone rough is a sin. I highly doubt that a tribe of Khazarians directly descended from the Neanderthals and going by those texts, their balls used to be stronger than the steel.