Immoral And Unnatural Sexual Fetishes Could Be As Much Fun As A Soapy Thai Massage

Thailand has been a more advanced nation than all the Western European and Scandinavian nations combined in the sense that there were more hot chicks hanging around on the streets of Bangkok in the early 1990s than in all the metros of Scandinavia and Western Europe during those times.

Roberto Gandolfi

Roberto Gandolfi from Naples, Florida, is a Sex Blogger and a Clothing Line Owner, who has travelled to India several times and claims to have done a great deal of research on India. He met a bunch of Kali worshippers in Kolkata, India, who told him that non-ejaculatory sex with dolls is encouraged over sex with real women by their gurus as that is not harmful for their occult powers.

Roberto claims that the widows of India who are not allowed to remarry are forced to wear nothing but white clothes because the people of the Indian Subcontinent since time unknown have believed that wearing white clothes reduces libido while wearing colourful clothes does the opposite. They also believe that looking at white, black and grey colours reduces or has no change in libido while looking at colourful surroundings does the opposite.

Roberto thinks inspired by the Federal Reserve, the Brothels, Massage Parlours and Escort Services across the world should create a Federation to save the clients from cheaters and make their services more feasible, affordable and better.

Roberto’s current Thai (หนังเอ็กไทย) girlfriend is a fan of having sex with bottles. She finds it immoral and unnatural, but at the same time, she also thinks one shouldn’t be ashamed because of this hobby of theirs.

Roberto once dated this 46 year old Thai entrepreneur woman who he claims was the most sexual woman that you would ever meet. She used to refer to every woman that wasn’t as sexual as herself as “prudish“. Hence, it goes without saying that she used to refer to every other woman as a “prude“. She took immense pride in the fact that most men don’t grow more sexual with age whereas the women do. She gives reference to the enthusiasm of the female pornstars in the MILF porn genre as the proof to back up her claim and most definitely her own life as well. She used to own a collection of over 150 gold chains inspired by her best girlfriend in the college, who happened to be a daughter of a wealthy Mumbai Businessman. Once this Indian girlfriend of her had an extremely vigorous sex with her boyfriend that it gave her a bloody nose.

Roberto claims to know a British Businesswoman who is married to a Black Man whom she likes to refer to as her ‘Personal Black Bull’. This Personal Black Bull of hers is 8 years younger than herself. She attends all her Business Phone Calls while her Black Bull husband rides her doggy.

Roberto has a friend who only empties his gun jerking off to underrated tropical MILF and GILF pornstars.

Lately, Roberto has been busy writing a record 500, 000 word long article on ‘Skilled and Experienced Sex VS Passionate Sex’. He believes it is going to be his last gimmick that can make him the infamous sex blogger that he really wants to become.