Stunning Arab Women Reveal What’s Inside Those Burqas On Chat And Other Apps

One of my very wealthy friends owns a company that manufactures and exports farm equipment, auto equipment, OTR tyres, tubes and flaps. This friend of mine along with being extremely wealthy, is also extremely horny all the time, he has his own philosophy and beliefs around sex, which he loves to share with friends, wife and cousins.

This friend of mine believes that having a lot of sex makes you smarter and more courageous in the long run, just like it did to the Al Capone. He says that’s the foremost reason why he has it all that he can, making sure that he doesn’t catch any major or minor illness doing it.

This friend of mine says that the best thing about living in more populated places is that you can watch people having nude sex belonging to different races all the time and hence more choices to fuck from.

He claims that no matter whether you are in Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Morocco, India, Libya or Pakistan, if you have enough money, you can get as many different beautiful pussies as you want.

He was also in prison for 6 months for false accusations by a friend of his, where he claims he watched more lingerie porn than he did in the rest of his life. He also claimed to have had a ton of ass there in the prison.

This friend of mine claims that there will be more Pakistani MILF Pornstars in the American porn industry than there will be Czech MILFs by 2030. He said it with such certainty that I myself now believe this prophecy to be true, although most of his prophecies in the past including that Hillary Clinton will win the 2016 Presidential Elections have gone false.

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