Red Hot Nights, Having 69 Sex With Your Favorite Celebrity’s Lookalike

I have lately been working on to invent contraceptive pills that rather increase estrogen levels in the women rather than decreasing it. I believe that this invention of mine will definitely make you see couple having public sex everywhere. You would literally be enjoying publicagent videos like scenario everywhere in real life.

Blessed are the pornstars who get paid for fucking. If you have sex at a public place in the United States, you get charged for it, but if you have sex in the public to shoot a publicporn movie, you get paid. What a marvelous country we live in! God Bless America!

I am really glad that most of the trendsetters today for women are sex freaks, be it WWE Divas, Pornstars, Singers or Hollywood Actresses. What I am even more happy about is the fact that more than ever before, all these trendsetters and the common women of our nation are open about how much they enjoy 69 sex position in public.

Well, I wrote this parody song for CC Catch’s Hollywood Nights last night when I went out of lube and due to a very strong jock itch on dick, I couldn’t even imagine taking a wank without my lube. So, here is the song:-

Daytime wankers and nighttime fuckers

Oh, they’re breaking all the records

Smashing each and every pussy that comes through

Smashing like the pornstars do

From a day in Porn Studio

And a dick without a foreskin

Kamasutra positions can go along, long way

Don’t stop these Red Hot nights

Take your viagra and find a pussy that is tight

Red Hot nights

Stop these Red Hot nights

Know that pussy is not tight

Red Hot nights

Pussies are more than little holes

Screw them till you make them swole

You have a dick and she is a chick

Suck her thick juicy lips

Have it when it is all wet

Don’t wait because it soon gets too late

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