Mine Inspector Studied Chaser Effect After Ejaculation Because He Wants To Be Chased By Hot Women

Thomas Othersen is a Mine Inspector and Sex Blogger from West Covina, California, who believes the reason why the Japanese women look so much better than their Chinese, Korean and Filipino counterparts is because of the effect of the Atom bombs dropped on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945. He acknowledges that he sounds like an idiot when he says this, but he also believes that the science will discover this sooner or later.

Thomas claims to have had studied the sexual chaser effect so very well. As per his study of years, what makes the chaser effect so strong and something real is evolutionary and hidden deep down in the fact that we were all once animals.

Thomas believes like all animals, the sex-season rule also apply in case of the humans. By sex-season, he means the time when animals are said to be in the heat. He says when a human, mainly a male, involves in a sexual activity, it activates the heat season in the males to keep them sexually active. He says for the women the heat season can be compared to the menstrual cycles.

As per Thomas, he can tell looking at a woman if she is going through a menstrual cycle. He says most single ladies that are not professional live sex cam chat models can only be seen on Live Chat Rooms Camsoda on Vibragame.

Thomas claims Sikh women have more of a watersports addiction than any other Indian women. As evidence, he tells his own tales with some of the Sikh women in their prime. i.e. early 20s and gives example of an Indian Punjabi Sikh Female Pornstar – Baljeet, who drank piss in 3 different videos of hers.

Thomas claims to have discovered a Tongan tribe which believes riding on Zebra increases sexual stamina.

Thomas says although the Republican supporters are more likely to be against free-sex, condoms, abortions, porn, etc; the survey which claims they are more likely to have sex with their pets compared to the Democrat Supporters looks accurate.