Asian MILF Porn has been saving marriages for decades, claims a Hayward Psychiatrist

“To fuck is human and to masturbate is also human.”

Dr Alexa Brown from Hayward, California, is a Psychiatrist by the day and a sex blogger by the evening. She writes that a happy sex life helps you create your life from the inside out.

Alexa writes that some aspiring celibates may refer to the so-called lifelong celibates like Nikola Tesla, Isaac Newton, Jesus Christ, Plotinus, Michelangelo, etc as high achievers but one must not forget that they were all weird and miserable throughout their lives, not to mention they were all financially unwell too.

Alexa believes Anti-Porn Propaganda has increased the viewership of the erotic literature a lot, both online and offline. The only porn industry that she believes it hasn’t affected is the Asian MILF Porn industry.

Alexa regularly keeps coming across female patients whose husbands divorced them due to their ever-increasing sexual demands that they weren’t able to fulfil. She recommends such patients to learn things from the Japanese and Korean pornstars, especially the ones belonging to the MILF genre to be better at love-making. She claims that after these women remarry and they follow Alexa’s advice, they never report back getting divorced again.

Things like these is what makes Alexa Pro-Porn, as she believes porn is responsible for nothing but happy lives.

Alexa claims eating cabbage with lemon increases testosterone in men and estrogen in women.

Alexa writes that everything wasn’t always hunky-dory in her personal married life either. She remembers the time when she would have sex with her husband just to put him off to sleep.

A Hygrometer to check the humidity of your MILF of the night’s pussy and mouth is coming soon

Stefan Voicu from Kansas City, Missouri, is a sex-blogger, who used to be a very active member at r/semenretention. He hates those guys now for they are too obsessed with stopping the natural process of releasing semen during the wake or sleep state.

Out of sheer anger and disguise once, Stefan told them to duct tape their dicks if they don’t want wet dreams, unsubscribed from there and never posted again.

Stefan writes that thick eyebrows are a sign of good health. According to him and many others, thin, measly eyebrows signal bad reproductive success to women.

Stefan believes that society’s standard of beauty is inescapable; you will compare your wife to the more beautiful wives of your fellowmen and you will be miserable. He believes it is one of the hardest truths to accept.

Stefan believes that we are blessed to have been living in the times of hookup culture, partying, drugs, alcohol, gambling and excessive spending.

He writes for him, the height of his woman doesn’t matter much. What matters is frame and body proportions (waist-to-hip, leg-to-body). He believes long legs is ideal for women.

Stefan’s last girlfriend was a 40 year old, 5’2″ and 95 pounds. He writes she was very pretty and an expert MILF BJ provider.

Stefan has a fetish for the female voice. He writes that he gets a boner right after listening to a high-pitched female voice song.

Stefan claims that he has been working on to create a hygrometer that would be able to check the humidity of a pussy and it has been going very well since he started.