Neanderthals had balls stronger than steel and their direct descendants could make perfect pornostars

Nothing harms your sex life more than a lung disease. It is coming from my personal experience. I remember the days when I got hit by a minor lung infection, the last thing that used to come to my mind used to be porn or sex.

I have always been extremely frank with my grandfather. My grandfather tells me that he can still have sex at the age of 82, but his refractory periods now last very long, that is – 9-11 days.

It is not a news that there are more love circles than love triangles nowadays. It should also not be a news to you that if the count of the women you had is still three digits, you are still a rookie.

I have always loved slim women with broad shoulders, big natural breasts and a naughty smile and that’s the reason why I married one. She lived just adjacent to me and I had always wanted her, but little did I know that she felt the same way as well. I have fucked my wife more in the kitchen than in the bedroom.

My dick is long like a chord and strong as a drill machine, but since I started suffering with the spinal stenosis, the girth of my dick has reduced a lot.

I recently had the luck of finding some ancient Khazarian texts. According to those texts, fucking someone rough is a sin. I highly doubt that a tribe of Khazarians directly descended from the Neanderthals and going by those texts, their balls used to be stronger than the steel.

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